About us

We are a design-driven door hardware and showerware supplier.

Duck is the name of two new exciting product ranges in the Classic Hardware line. Our research and development department has developed Duck bathroom and door hardware products to suit every builder’s needs. 

The Duck range includes a revolutionary new fixing arrangement for door furniture (patent-pending) combined with a new range of designs and finishes to complement all interior styles and uses.   The Duck Stainless Steel Under-Tile Shower Tray is unique in the market in it’s design and function and offers quick and easy installation.   Both products come with a 25 year warranty.


“Highest quality products, with a focus on clean

Door Furniture is more than merely a handle design – it goes beyond the visual style and aesthetics of the handle. We have created a door handle which incorporates functionality throughout its entire design which not only benefits the customer, but also the installer. The Duck door handle comes with a plastic handle for use during construction, so that when all construction is completed, the handle can be fitted without any risk of damage. Customers can also change to a different style of handle in the future with ease and at a minimal cost.

Our Stainless Steel Under-Tile Shower Tray is made of one single piece of commercial grade SUS-304 stainless steel with a pre-built fall, giving customers peace of mind and making installation a breeze. Our product is ready to tile on without any prior preparations which reduces the installation time and ensuring the durability of the shower.